The 2017 SBAC results are in!

We are excited to share the results of each West Contra Costa school. View our breakdown of the data in our easy-to-read 1-pager.


This table shows each school in West Contra Costa, categorized by “families.” This includes WCCUSD Feeder Families as well as local public charter schools.

Each school’s results for English Language Arts (ELA) and Math appear in color-coded columns. The percentage of students who Met or Exceeded Standards indicate the percentage of students who are considered on track for college and career.

In addition to 2017 results, we’ve included data that shows change from 2016, as well as the average growth/decline from the previous three years. You’ll also see demographic information, such as the Free or Reduced student population, English Learners, Special Education, and race/ethnicity.

Learn more about the SBAC here.

Coming soon: Education Matters’ deeper analysis of the new SBAC results, how to develop a data practice district-wide, and implications for our community.

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