Who We Are

Education Matters exists to ensure there will be highly effective leaders who are informed, aligned around and accountable for an excellent public education for all students in West Contra Costa. We do this by providing reliable information, especially as it relates to school board leadership and their efforts to make educationally and fiscally sound decisions for our students.

We’re a resource for unbiased information and support that community-based organizations and leaders need as they work to create change.

Education Matters envisions a West Contra Costa where our leaders are united in driving toward an excellent school for every child in every neighborhood in our community, enabling our students to reach their full potential.


Our History

Education Matters was founded in 2014 by Susan and Steve Chamberlin, local philanthropists who have called Richmond home for 20 years. The Chamberlins, who had been donating to public education initiatives through the Chamberlin Family Foundation since 2008, understood that excellent public education requires committed, responsible leaders. Education Matters exists to see that vision become a reality in Richmond and across West Contra Costa.

Education Matters is a not-for-profit organization funded by the Chamberlin family and advised by community leaders, educators and individuals deeply committed to excellent schools and outcomes for our students.

Meet our Team