Fact Check: Financial Stewardship

Residents in WCCUSD received a mailer about “Financial Stewardship in WCCUSD” schools on June 15th, 2016.

Our aim at Education Matters is to ensure that the community has clear, accurate information to inform their views. We believe this is particularly critical regarding district finances, and some information in this mailer was misleading. We believe that with better financial management, the district would be able to better support academic initiatives and provide more resources directly to school sites.

The full mailer can be found here. Images from the mailer are included below, along with our review and fact check of the information included.

We inquired from the District, through a public records request, about the mailer itself. We learned the following:

  • We know that these types of mailers cost, all-inclusively, around $20,000. Combined with an earlier mailer (“Academic Excellence in WCCUSD”), the ~$40,000 price tag represents the starting salary for a classroom teacher.
  • The mailer was only sent out in English. A Spanish version was later created and “a number yet to be determined will be printed for distribution at community events and display at school sites.”

Fact Check:

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