Headlines from New School Performance Data

The new California School Dashboard is here! This framework is a new, multi-measure way to understand how schools are doing. It looks at many different factors, not just test scores, and also considers both growth and proficiency to measure success.

Here are some topline findings about how West Contra Costa schools are serving students.

How is WCCUSD doing?

Remember, schools and districts are rated using a color scale:


One way to look at West Contra Costa’s performance is by comparing WCCUSD to Oakland Unified and the state. Overall ratings for California are not yet available, but we can study the percentage of districts across the state that have a blue or green rating.



What are some bright spots in each indicator?

There’s much to celebrate – many of our West Contra Costa schools are helping our students on a pathway to achieving their full potential.

Overall, West Contra Costa’s high school graduation rates are strong. Six out of eight high schools received a blue or green rating for graduation rates. (High school graduation rates does not mean college readiness. College-readiness data, which includes 11th grade performance on CAASP tests and eligibility to enroll in the UC/CSY system, will be released later this fall.)

Many West Contra Costa schools are doing a good job of avoiding high levels of suspension. Students can’t learn if they aren’t in school. More than half (28 out of 54 schools) received a blue or green for suspension rates.

We’re especially excited to celebrate the schools that are achieving at high levels and serving our most vulnerable student populations. See the full list of West Contra Costa schools and their ratings for each indicator here.

What are some clear areas for growth?

WCCUSD’s English Learner growth is the only indicator that is rated on the lower end of the scale, as orange or red. This is an important area for improvement, particularly given West Contra Costa’s significant English Learner population; more than one-third of all students are English Learners.

Subgroup data shows further gaps. For example, suspension rates for African-American and Latino students are rated as orange. Additionally, achievement in both English Language Arts and Math for African-American students are rated red, two color levels below the District. Students with disabilities scored orange or red on all indicators.

Overall, there is still a great deal of work to be done to ensure every student in our community can thrive in school and beyond. Understanding areas of growth across various indicators and for our diverse student subgroups, is a critical first step towards meaningful improvement.

How can I learn more?

There are many resources to help navigate the Dashboard provided by CDE. You can also get detailed data on individual schools by searching for your school here.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be doing a deep dive on each indicator to better understand how our schools are serving all students. Are schools improving from previous years? How do results differ by race and income? Are there connections between a school’s academic and climate indicators? Stay tuned to learn more.

Download the full list of WCC schools & ratings

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