Marshall Tuck and Lynn Mackey: The right leaders for state, county superintendents of public education

Education Matters urges you to support Marshall Tuck for State Superintendent of Public Instruction, and Lynn Mackey for Contra Costa County Superintendent of Schools. 

Marshall Tuck, candidate for State Superintendent of Public Instruction (AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes)


Education Matters strongly recommends that you cast your vote for Marshall Tuck for California State Superintendent of Public Instruction on November 6th.

This role is crucial to the future of our students in West Contra Costa County and statewide. At a time when we must think differently, raise expectations, and place the needs of students and their families at the heart of every decision that is made on their behalf, we need Marshall Tuck’s leadership. We need it badly.

Marshall did not prove himself and his fitness for this role by tinkering with the edges of public education’s biggest challenges. He dove into the center of the problem, rolled up his sleeves, and worked with our highest need students and families, hard working union teachers, district leaders, and education reform visionaries to try something that seems like anathema these days: partnership.

Through his leadership at both Green Dot Public Schools and the Partnership for Los Angeles Schools, Marshall took on some of the very lowest performing schools in Los Angeles, and turned them around by meaningfully raising student achievement. The Partnership for Los Angeles Schools was successful because Marshall built bridges between constituencies that don’t often see eye to eye, and advanced a vision of reform that dared to buck the status quo.

Marshall is a Democrat and a former public school administrator. His defining strength is that he keeps the focus on students and their families. He does the hard work to inspire adults to stay focused on them, too, even when it requires change and approaching decades old problems from a very different angle. After decades of leadership that has embraced the status quo and too often focused on the needs of adults before the urgent need to serve our students, Marshall Tuck provides a welcome new voice and vision for public education in California.

Lynn Mackey, candidate for Contra Costa County Superintendent of Schools


Please join us in supporting Lynn Mackey for Contra Costa County Superintendent of Schools.

Of the three candidates, Lynn Mackey is the clear choice to lead the county office of education. Having worked at the county office for roughly 20 years and served at every level of of that office and as an educator, Lynn is well prepared and ready to jump from her role as Deputy Superintendent and take the reins from Karen Sakata when she retires.

While the role is not widely known, the Superintendent of the Contra Costa County Office of Education plays an important role in shaping essential services like occupational training, special education programs, and our schools for incarcerated juveniles and adults. These services have measurable impact on some of our most needy students and their families.

Notably, the superintendent is also an essential lever of accountability responsible for reviewing budgets of 18 local school districts and ensuring that they remain financially healthy. With potentially dire fiscal forecasts ahead for CA public schools, Lynn Mackey’s experience and sterling record distinguish her candidacy, and make her the clear choice for Superintendent of the Contra Costa County Office of Education.

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