Together, We can Drive Change

No single organization in West Contra Costa can create change working alone. We’re stronger together, working side-by-side. We’ve constructed an approach that brings together community organizations and the school board, families and District leaders, advocates, educators, and youth.


Uncover a shared vision for what’s possible in West Contra Costa.

In partnership with a dozen other community organizations, Education Matters led the “What’s Possible for WCC Kids?” Community Conversation series. It gave members of the community, many of whom who are not usually at the decision-making table, a chance to share thoughts on what makes an excellent education. We continue to seek out the voices of West Contra Costa parents, young people, and educators to guide our work.


Develop high-potential leaders from within our community.

We work in partnership to identify talented leaders who can make decisions that help accelerate positive student outcomes. Education Matters sees that these courageous leaders are aware of opportunities to serve, including committees, commissions, school site councils, PTAs, and elected positions, such as the school board.

To ensure that the best leaders have a chance to represent our community, our organization (together with community partners) endorses candidates for the WCC school board.


Hold our education leaders accountable.

When great leaders are in place, it’s crucial that they’re supported and held accountable for making decisions that create conditions for student success. Education Matters provides data and facts, including best practices, to education-focused organizations and leaders in West Contra Costa. Our resources are available to help community stakeholders advocate more effectively for positive change.

This support also helps elected and appointed leaders be more impactful by giving them reliable and independent data to help inform their decision-making process.


Keep working together.

Change isn’t easy. It’s necessary to continuously improve until West Contra Costa has one of the best school districts in the state that gives all students an excellent education.

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