Panas & Phillips elected to the WCCUSD School Board

Congratulations to Tom Panas & Mister Phillips for being elected to the WCCUSD School Board!

This year’s election for the West Contra Costa Unified School District Board of Education has sent a clear message that it’s time to strengthen our schools. We are proud to congratulate Education Matters endorsed candidate Tom Panas on his successful campaign and election to the Board of Education! Our community endorsement panel is grateful to Tom for taking on this challenge to step into the political arena and help lead our school district to better outcomes for our kids. We also congratulate Mister Phillips on his successful campaign and election to the Board of Education.

Our community panel endorsed Tom for his exceptional leadership, and dedication to our district and to our young people. Tom didn’t enter this campaign with a political background, but he was able to build an extraordinary campaigns and he earned every vote cast. Now, we are looking forward to working with Tom as he continues to focus on the issues of this campaign: parental involvement, responsible management of school funds, and a vision for great schools. We also want to congratulate our other endorsed candidate, Miriam “Stephanie” Sequeira, who came in a close third in this campaign by focusing on kids and creating meaningful connections between parents and our schools. We commend her for her commitment.

There is no time to waste. Tom knows that responsibility for education starts with district leadership, and we know that the entire school board, district administrators, and principals are looking at these results and seeing that voters want a better future for our kids. We are looking forward to working with Tom and the entire school board as they lead our community as a unified school board, with district administrators, education advocates, and our teachers. And above all, this is about our kids, to making sure every student in West Contra Costa has an excellent neighborhood school.

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