Voices West Contra Costa: a Spanish-English dual immersion school

Voices College-Bound Language Academy, a not-for-profit charter school network, will open a Spanish-English dual immersion school in West Contra Costa. Last night, the WCCUSD school board approved Voices’ charter petition with a 4-1 vote. (Only Trustee Mister Phillips voted No; Trustees Block, Cuevas, Kronenberg, and Panas voted Yes.) “Voices West Contra Costa” will open in 2018-19 serving TK/Kindergarten and first grade, growing by one grade level each year to be a TK through eighth grade school.

At Education Matters, we are excited about how Voices has committed to serve our local students, given its track record of achieving outcomes for historically underserved populations. This is especially salient for English Learners; at Voices’ flagship school in San Jose, English Learner proficiency in English Language Arts is more than three times greater than in WCCUSD.

We appreciate Voices’ transparency and willingness to share information about their proposed school, as well as their thoughtful response to the district’s report.

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About Voices College-Bound Language Academy

Founded by a long-time educator and Latina, Frances Teso, Voices focuses on preparing students for success in college and beyond. Through its Spanish-English dual immersion language program, the school seeks to provide rigorous academics and honor the cultural heritage of its students.

Voices is also committed to working in underserved communities and currently operates three schools in the Bay Area. Together, the schools serve a significant population of low-income and English Learner students and their results are promising. For example, in 2015-16, 60% of low-income students at Voices were proficient in English Language Arts; this was double the rate across California and almost three times the average in West Contra Costa. Voices’ flagship school has been honored as a California Distinguished School and Title I Academic Achievement Award School, among other prestigious recognitions.

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